Family Support

Respite Care Event

We want to help families navigate the world of caring for a child or adult with special needs and provide support to ensure a successful future. We help people make connections in a way that is comfortable, respectful, practical and sustainable, bringing volunteers and families together. We do this primarily through Respite Care events and Family Support Meetings.

Family Support Meetings

Every quarter, families with children and young adults with developmental disabilities gather to meet with Executive Director Sandi Gerdes to share their experiences and discuss the ways in which they can band together to create an inclusive community that understands how to best support people with disabilities.

Respite Care Events

Family Support Services offers respite services for families with children and young adults with developmental disabilities. People with special needs who live at home with their families receive personalized invitations to theme-based activities and monthly events designed to provide a few hours of respite to caregivers. Pre-registration is required; a $10 fee per person is charged for each event. Scholarships are available for those that qualify and each family must have an enrollment form on file prior to the event.

Helpful Resources

We’ve compiled a list of helpful resources for the families and caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities. See the list. »

For more information, contact Krista Middlebrooks.

County Social Services Offices+

A great starting point to provide information about the services people with disabilities may be eligible to receive, including case management and emergency assistance.


Available to assist in disputes between service providers.

PACER Center+

Provides programs for children and young adults with all disabilities, their parents and families, and professionals working with families. Resources include bullying prevention, social inclusion, assistive technology, transition for students with disabilities, and advocacy.

Social Security Offices+

Available to help you understand what benefits might be available for individuals who have a disability and meet medical criteria for eligibility.